Q & A's

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any instruction manuals?

Yes, when you receive your Adventure Buggy Co. Aspire, Solo or Duolo products you will find an instruction booklet in the box. You can also download them on our website. 

Aspire Twin Buggy Manual
Aspire Twin Buggy + solo accessory seat Manual

Are there any videos where I can see the ABC buggy in action?

Yes, you can watch videos of the buggy in action, and you can visit the Go Bubba Go youtube channel here.

Can I get spare parts from Adventure Buggy Co.?

Yes, please contact us with details of what you need. We will then be able to supply you with a quote for any spare parts and delivery, if your item is not covered under warranty.

Does the Aspire buggy meet any recognised safety standards?

Yes. The Aspire double pram is designed and tested for the Australian and New Zealand markets. As such it has passed the AS/NZS 2088:2000 safety standards, so you can be sure you're investing in your children's safety.
To the extent required by the Laws of Australia and New Zealand, our products comply with and meet all mandatory safety standards for prams and strollers. We do not warrant that they comply with the standards required for equivalent certification outside Australia and New Zealand.

How high is the buggy? Will I see over the top of the buggy when the accessory seats are installed?

The height of the upper accessory seat attached to the ABC Buggy is 145cm (57 inches) with the canopy installed, or 130cm (51.2 inches) with the canopy removed. Most people find that the visibility is fine; and any reduction in visibility is made up for by being able to transport (and keep an eye on) all your children in the one buggy.However, we recommend that the Aspire stroller with upper accessory seats attached is only operated by people taller than 165 cm (5 feet 4 inches).

I am tall; will I be able to have a long stride without hitting my toes on the back of the pram?

The Adventure Buggy Co. pram has no rear axle bar connecting the rear wheels; this allows tall parents to have a nice long stride without hitting the back of the pram.

Is the handlebar adjustable?

Yes, the handlebar is adjustable: please refer to the instruction manual supplied with your buggy.

Is this buggy suitable for nurseries and kindergartens and other family day care providers?

Yes, absolutely! Day care providers regularly use the Adventure Buggy Co. range of products, as they provide the most practical way of having outings with a number of infants and toddlers.

What is the warranty on Adventure Buggy Co. products?

Products are covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty for workmanship and materials; please make sure you keep your receipt as proof of purchase. Please contact us for any warranty claims.

What kind of harness does the Aspire stroller have?

There is an easy-to-use 5-point safety harness in the stroller, to keep your little ones secure.

What type of wheels does the buggy have?

The tyres are air filled, as this makes them suitable for all terrains.

What is the solution for punctures? 

If a tyre issue arises, replacement inner tubes are available from your local bicycle shop, and also available to purchase on our website. The tyre and tube size is a standard 12 inch (12 1/2 x 2 1/4).  The recommended tyre pressure is normally 30 PSI, tyre PSI will also be written on the side of the tyre.

Why does this buggy have 4 wheels rather than 3?

4 wheels provide maximum manoeuvrability. The front wheels swivel or can be locked; and there is a simple spring-release button to get them moving again. The 4 wheels offer more stability than 3-wheeled strollers, as there are 4 points of contact with the ground